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Our vision is to improve the lives of small holder farmers by facilitating a convergence for private sector investments in the agricultural mechanization process and technology to access affordable tractor services across Africa. A convergence where farmers and cooperatives-led tractor hiring services providers can own their own tractors and have access to technology that improves the utilization of their tractors. Ultimately, we will catalyze the development of competitive and sustainable mechanization market and agribusiness in Africa as a pathway to increased economic growth and food security in the continent of Africa. Recognizing that agriculture in Nigeria will remain a labor-intensive sector, increasing agricultural productivity, facilitating value chain integration, and directing investment toward the agriculture sector will enhance employment opportunities for unskilled labor, contribute to regional food security and stability, and provide one of the most useful vehicles for moving populations out of extreme poverty.

Our Mission

Driving Growth, Cultivating

Financing tractors for small holder farmers has been a daunting challenge. From the rise in exchange rate to the hurdles of meeting banks' requirement, small holder farmers across Nigeria and Africa at large are unable to own tractors. Owning one is out of their league, yet they constitute 70% of farmers in Sub Saharan Africa. Access to affordable finance also affects the community or cooperative-led Mechanization service provider which also limits the number tractors in their fleet. Ultimately, it is the small holder farmer that is losing. TracTrac has worked hard to create solutions for potential investors and enterprising youths that are simple and intuitive. We have created a platform for investors to participate in the Agric mechanization space, ensure tractors are available to users and make a good return.

Our Vision

Leading a Mechanization Revolution
in Africa


Affordable tractor financing

Access to low cost of funding for tractors procurement and acquisition



Enhance procurement of tractors and genuine spare parts from vendors and manufacturers.


Boost Tractor density

Increase in the number of tractors per hectare of farmland in Nigeria and Africa which is presently low.

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