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Bridging the Gap to Mechanisation

Hire a tractor

Tractrac’s Hire a Tractor service makes it easy for farmers of all sizes, farmer cooperatives, booking and hiring agents, and other stakeholders to access mechanization services for their farms/communities at competitive prices.
With Tractrac, farmers can book and pay for mechanization services (Tractors, Power Tillers, etc) on the web app or through the Tractrac mobile app. Tractrac has a constantly growing network of vetted tractor owners and operators across Nigeria, so farmers can find the right tractors for their needs and budget.

Some benefits of using Tractrac’s Hire a Tractor Service include:

- Convenience

- Affordability

- Flexibility

- Quality

Tractrac’s Hire a Tractor service is a convenient and affordable way for users to mechanize their farms or get tractor services for their communities. With Tractrac, users can get the mechanization services they need to boost productivity and output on their farms. If you are a farmer, cooperative, booking and hiring agent, or other agricultural stakeholder in Nigeria and you are looking for a convenient and affordable way to mechanize your farm or get mechanization services for your community, then Tractrac’s Hire a Tractor is the perfect solution for you.

Enlist your Tractor

By Enlisting tractors on Tractrac, tractor owners get to earn extra income by renting out their tractors to other farmers and agricultural stakeholders. On Tractrac, tractor owners simply have to create a profile for themselves and their tractors, including the tractor type, size, available implements, and location. Post registration and verification, Tractrac will match tractors will potential renters based on the renter’s needs. Beyond making additional income by renting out tractors, tractor owners help Tractrac build its vast network of tractors available for hire by various farmers across Nigeria and Africa.

Become a Booking Agent

By joining Tractrac’s constantly growing network of Booking and Hiring Agents, you are responsible for connecting farmers, farmer cooperatives, and other stakeholders with bundled mechanization services.
As a Booking and Hiring Agent, you independently aggregate demand for tractor and mechanization services and Tractrac will ensure you get all the machinery and manpower (e.g., tractor operator/mechanics) you need to get the job done.

Invest in Tractor

Tractrac’s Invest in Tractors service is a unique and innovative way to help increase tractor density and agricultural productivity in Nigeria.
By choosing to invest in tractors on Tractrac, we link you with various known brands, vendors, and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) so that you can get your own tractors at very competitive prices.
After buying these tractors, investors can then onboard their tractors on the Tractrac platform (where they can receive returns on their investment in 24 to 30 months) or use the tractors privately on their own farms.

Register as Vendors

Tractrac is always in the hunt for reliable tractor and spare parts vendors who will work with us to provide genuine products to our vast network of Mechanization Service Providers (MSPs) and Tractor Owners.
By registering as a vendor On Tractrac, you have the opportunity to reach various MSPs and tractor owners across Nigeria who would need your services to operate and grow their business.

Enlist as Operators/Mechanics

As an Operator/Mechanic on Tractrac, you have the opportunity to get hired by Mechanization Service Providers and Tractor Owners.

Measure your Farm

The Measure your Farm service from Tractrac is a way for farmers to get accurate farm measurements. By using Tractrac’s mobile or web app, farmers can create a map of their farm and measure the area of each field.
With Tractrac’s Measure your Farm, farmers can get the information they need to seamlessly hire tractors and make informed decisions. The Measure your Farm service is accurate and easy to use.

Track your Tractors

Tractrac’s Track your Tractor allows tractor owners and Mechanization Service Providers (MSPs) track their tractors in real time - letting them know exactly where their tractors are at every point in time.
Using the mobile or web app, tractor owners can see where their tractors are located and get insights into their tractor usage.

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